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In my life, as in my artwork, I am known to make bold moves.

I have never been afraid to take chances. I take pleasure in uncertainty and letting each piece of art develop through experiments. Each experiment allows my unique dramatic style to come through. I have a trained eye for composition and balance, yet I use a non-traditional approach to painting. Emphasizing  movement in each piece, I work with water, high-pigment paint combinations, and various materials to play rhythmically with color and textures–all while creating a hint of mystery.

I have had a varied design career. This includes designing for high-profile musicians and celebrities. I have designed music album art, magazines, fashion features, websites, data visualizations, mobile apps and much more. I find this experience weaves itself through my paintings. 

My work expresses both the joy of creating messaging and meaning, and the joy of simply creating beauty with color. 

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