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Art by Shroon

New York City has always been inspiring to me.  After 16 years of living in the Arizona desert, I came back to the city I love. I truly missed the lushes grit, street art contrasted with glamor and the colorful array of glittering lights. The hurrying people fascinate me. It’s an exciting place with a lot of movement, where anything can happen. It's this inspiration you will see in my work. Where glimpses of  NYC energy, unpredictability and beauty combine.  

I have never been afraid to take chances. In my life as in my artworks I am known to take bold moves. I take pleasure in the uncertainty of each piece. Each piece develops through this uncertainty and reveals itself through color, composition and texture. Somewhere in the curious chaos are forms that are familiar, beautiful and comforting.

In my messy studio, there is always chaos and music playing really loud. I’m often caught covered in paint from head to toe singing, dancing and discovering new techniques.

I have had a varied art career. In my experience as a creative director which includes designing and illustrating for mainline musicians,  album art, souvenir brochures, well known magazines, fashion design features, mobile applications and data visualizations and  much much more. I have also hired thousands of illustrators and photographers.  Having had so many years of designing under my belt, (read more here) I have become a lover of many styles. I find this experience also weaves itself through my work. 

I hope when viewers look at my art - they see a bold familiarity of forms, revealing beauty, confusion, peace, excitement, intrigue, exploration and peace. 

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