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My name is Sharon Seidl -
known by friends as Shroon 

I live, work and paint in New York.

I love the sense of play in life and especially when I paint. Singing and dancing while working. 


I have never been afraid to take chances. In my life as in my artworks I am known to take bold moves. I take pleasure in the uncertainty of each piece. Each piece develops through uncertainty and reveals itself through color, composition and texture.


I have had a varied design career. which includes designing mainline musician album art, fashion design features for well known magazines and data visualizations. I have also hired thousands of illustrators and photographers.  Having had so many years of designing under my belt, I am a lover of many styles. I find this experience weaves itself through my various painting styles. My work fluctuates from the joy of creating messaging and meaning to simply creating something with beautiful color. Since I can not identify with a single style, I decided to coin a new art term to describe my work. I call it Popstrabstract!

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About the artist known as shroon:


As an award winning creative director, shroon has worked with top tier companies including CBS television, The Ritz Carlton Magazine,  Hal Leonard Corporation, Cherry Lane Music Publishing, Consumer Reports, The National Guitar Museum and the 

Artificial Intelligence Museum – to name a few.


Her career began designing for a number of mainline music celebrities, including,  artists like, Randy Rhoads, Dave Mathews, Metallica, Johnny Winter, and Lenny Kravitz and for Broadway shows like, The Titanic, Jekyll and Hyde and Victor Victoria.


Over the course of her career she has been

recognized with a number of the design industry’s highest awards, including Webby award for best web feature, MacWorld /iWorld’s first APPALOOZA contest in 2012, the Society of Publication Designers; Design Annual; Arizona Press Club; Western Publishing Association, Maggies; and Music Publishers’ Association Paul Revere Awards for illustration Excellence, and many more. 


Creating expressions on canvas is her highest passion. Where all of her experience with composition, texture, color and movement come to life. She is willing to allow the canvas to direct her and allow her years of graphic design experience to guide her. Playing with strokes of color and blends of texture to evoke emotions which can be seen in everything she creates.

See my graphic
design work here!

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